Ghostwriting and Editing Services

I'm a critically acclaimed and internationally bestselling novelist, who’s offering to share his knowledge, hard-won experience, encouragement, hope and literary inspiration to writers on the long and solitary journey to publication. 


I will take on the task of writing your complete book from scratch, using my expertise to ensure the result is an authentic and highly gripping read. 


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The story in your mind turned into an epic pageturner

I provide writing, editorial, consultancy and ghostwriting services internationally. I write novels, biographies, non-fiction, memoirs and screenplays as a ghostwriter or co-author. My pen is ready to help you write your page-turning bestseller, putting my utmost dedication in creating engaging characters, mood-enhancing settings and gripping plots. I just need your idea, your premise, your story…

I also provide one-to-one mentoring services for writers as a story consultant and help build submission proposals and treatments for people looking to submit manuscripts to agents and publishers.

The key to a brilliant ghostwriting collaboration is a ghost who will write in your ‘voice’. Your book needs to sound as though you wrote it and, if you wish, no one will ever know that this is not the case.

For more information contact me through the Contact page on this website or the email address below. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting stories.